The Big Game

sexyfootballgirlIIFirst game.

His vs. hers.

She loves her home team.

He is loyal to His.

Time for action.

His scene.

His fav team jersey laid out.

“Wear just the jersey, and those heels”

“Maybe..a g-string that matches.”

She slips on His jersey.

Her rival team.

Knowing full well that they will win because she has their colors on.

Knowing full well that  her friends would be pissed to see her in a rival jersey .

It is His will.

She walks by for Him.

Under His inspection.

Kneels before her Man.

She bows to Him, like the good girl that she is.

His property.

His game.

His team.

His woman.

Posing for Him.

Crawling to Him on knee and heel.

Displaying His body for Him in His jersey.

A knock on the door.

“Baby girl…don’t you move…”

His eyes never leaving His property.

Door open.

His property stretched out on  the rug.

Heels up.

A glimpse – side eye- through the partially closed door.

Transaction carried on.

Driver waits for tip.

He takes up the whole door.

She waits for Him.

“Stay …right… there”

“Yes Sir”, they say in unison.

Daddy smiles, and slowly walks the pizza to the kitchen, door left ajar.

Delivery person leaning in, turning head.

Glimpse of long pale legs in black patent leather pumps.

Full rounded ass under burgundy mesh jersey.

Her  bare bottom exposed.

Blonde mane fanned.

Red lips pursed.

“You” Daddy says, nodding at me, “get on the couch.”

I nod, and say “Yes Daddy” slowly rising, walking past the doorway, slowly padding to the couch.

I look back. Daddy nods.

The delivery person stands silently, not averting eyes, but a polite small smile on lips.

I stretch out on the couch, legs slung over the back of it, heels pointed, curves barely covered by NFL mesh.

Daddy nods His approval.

He takes me in visually, walking slowly towards the door.

He finishes His business, as the delivery person leans to the side of Daddy, to get one last  look.

“Thank you Sir….Ya’ll have a good night now.” Daddy smiles back at him… ” You already know.”


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