485937658d195b3bab9e0e33c95e5738He could see what she was becoming, she was charming the way a cub is charming, a small cub that will grow up to be—like one of the big cats. One you can’t play with later. She had all the weapons, in miniature and growing.”

~Thomas Harris, from Hannibal~

The Black

“Outsiders would be gravely mistaken if they interpret her beautiful servitude as weakness”.

-Feral Love-

She was use to being Feral. Doing what she wanted, when, with whom and how.

No home, no bounds, no rules.

She avoided the trophy hunters that just wanted to bag Big game.

The younger cubs bored her, pretty to look at, but nothing substantial in the mind. They never satiated her carnivorous appetite. She grew weary of playing with them, and waited solo for her King. She needed her Beast. Her kind.

She met a few wolves in sheep’s cloak. Sniffed them out, saw the teeth coming. She eyed them back fiercely, for she bit too.

Every wrong capture brought her to her RIGHT.

He was waiting.

Her everything.

Her all.

He loved every facet of her diamond in the rough.

Recognizing the Lioness and coaxing out the kitten.

He didn’t want her tamed, only wanted her happiness and safety.

She freely gave to Him all her freedom.

Something she had never even considered.

She wasn’t a house cat, she was all Big Cat.

He hated house cats.

He wasn’t looking, yet she was found.

He saw her wild cat snarling, but also the gentle kitten that purred for Him.

He didn’t try to capture her, rather just let her come to Him.

Hand stretched out, whispering, stroking her mane, cooling the fire in her icey eyes.

He welcomed her home, gave her a new name, and protected her from the Predators.

She wasn’t restless, she was calmed.

Home felt good. Natural. She belonged to Him.

She curled up at His feet out of love and loyalty, not by force.

The door left open, her freedom came from being inside rather than being out prowling.

He fed her, bathed her, groomed her, trained her, loved her.

She never felt so safe, or loved.

Domestication was not something that was common to her.

Submission was not just a whim.

It whispered deeply in her brain, and oozed through her sex.

Not every  Man can handle a Beastress.

Only a fellow Beast can love and fully understand her.

A Panther tamed a Lioness.

He told her she was His, forever.

He was not letting her go, she didn’t want to leave.

He told her wherever she went, He was there.

They were ONE now.

One Pride.


Wild Cat and wild cat.

Her collar was invisible to all but Him.

His beautiful wild Lioness proudly presented on His leash.

He knew how to domesticate her, but never required it of her.

The rules were few, the boundaries His.

He loved her running wild.

He honored her as His Queen, regardless of what happened in their bed.

Loved to see her in her natural habitat, crouching, hunting, playing, mating, sunning.

She always came home- and purred at His feet, her sanctuary. Their home was wherever They were.

Others saw a caged Lioness, but They knew better.

-They shared a PRIMAL LOVE.-


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