Daddy’s Shirt

th1XVBTW5RShe got out of His shower, smooth wet and warm. She put on a sexy lace black push up bra and matching sheer bikini. He was working in His office.

She slipped on her black patent leather pumps and pearls.
Daddy needed some new visuals while He worked.

Hmmm…a clean white dress shirt of His would do the trick.

She walked in His closet and choose one.

She slipped it on and buttoned it just at her naval.
The cleavage from the black bra pushing through as it barely covered her hips.
She let the pearls spill down her chest.

She decided to take do an impromptu photo shoot as she made made the bed in His shirt and her pumps. She shook out the black warm sheets she just washed, after christening them this morning.

She twisted the blinds open, to back light the scene.
She laid out on the black sheets, posing her bare smooth legs on His headboard.

She took some more ass up, propping up on elbow to properly showcase His property.

She snapped more selfies on her phone as she heard Him playing His bass in His studio. She would edit them after and send them to His phone.

She laid her head off the bed, and snapped some shots for Him.

She looked up to see Him staring down at her from the doorway.

“You look pretty BabyGirl” He smiled.

She told Him what she had been doing, and He laughed. “I know BabyGirl, I saw you. I was checking in on you to see if you were ok. You got real quiet in here. You’re like a little kid, BabyGirl, when you are too quiet, you are up to something.”

He leaned over and kissed her. “OK…Let me go and get my camera now BabyGirl” .


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