Forbidden fruit

He welcomes her in, bends to untie the leather strings around her tanned ankles and slides her leather sandals off her bare polished toes and motioned to the couch. She looks at Him through baby blue eyes and nods.

The velvety overstuffed suede couch feels soft as her generous bottom sinks into it in her snug sundress.

She watches Him through the divider to the kitchen. Grabbing things from the fridge, and clinking glasses from the cabinet. She hears Him chopping, and singing. A deep sexy  R & B voice.

The condo is beautifully decorated with art work.  There is a serious tv and surround sound system. She wonders if He did it all Himself. It has a masculine touch. He has a way about Him that says I do everything well.

He carries over a chilled bottle of red wine, and 2 glasses. He pours her a sip first, waiting for her to acknowledge His luxurious taste. He definitely likes the finer things in life.

She sips the burgandy sweetness and nods in agreement as the the fruit hits her tongue. He smiles, pleased with her reaction.

As He walks back to the kitchen, He hits the remote. Luther pops on in stereo, and the lights dim. He knows what He is doing alright. He has done this before.

She wonders what stories the couch would tell her, where there g string panties or hair elastics hidden deep under the cushion from other visitors?

He carries back an oak tray with soft sweet golden yellow sliced Mango, perfectly mellowed. The mild cheddar cheese is perfectly sliced on the tray with a hard salami. It is accompanied by sweet cold globes of red grapes and crisp green apples.

He lays it down in front of her, and comes around to the side of her.

He sits thigh to thigh with her, as He reaches for His wine and toasts her. She raised her glass and smiles as they clinked.

He leans over and grabbed a slice of juicy mango and holds it out to her lips.

She stares at Him and slowly wraps her full red soft lips around it as He holds it out to her.

She sucks its fragrant juices, as it runs warmly down His finger.

She takes more of the fruit until it hits the back of tongue like the explosion it is.

She licks and swallows all the flavor she just sucked off the juicy fruit.

He feeds her His sticky sweet finger as well.

She watched His eye roll back, and hears a deep growly “Mmmmm” escape His sexy full lips. She wonders what it will be like to kiss Him.

Yes Sir… He was no ordinary Man, but neither was she just another girl.

Round One goes to her.


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