I know you probably hate me, but…”

The text from unknown number buzzed waking me up.


I don’t text unknown numbers.

I don’t play the “Who is this…” attention game.

I know it’s been a while…”


“I am sorry if…”


It can only go down hill from here, right?

Really what is the point.

New #, same name, same game.

I was just curious how you are…”


“Are you mad…”


“The silent treatment is warranted.”


“Add me on…”


Some people are not happy if you are happy.

The negative energy vampires, the drama queens, the attention whores, the shit stirrers…of the world need to create an excuse to be in contact with you.

To meddle.

See if you are really happy.

How could you be… without them?

How could you …live and go on?

Without answering their text or social media message?

They wish you luck but secretly wish for you to need to them.

The real truth is they need you.

They miss you.

You out grew them.










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