Thunder Rolls

tumblr_mrhw7cA2ta1rk4k6fo1_500The thunder shook her to her very core.

It made her feel small, lonely and vulnerable.

She tossed and turned without Him.

She tried to drift back to sleep, visualizing His strong arms around her.

Hearing his beautiful prose in her ear.

His voice always calmed her.

His smile always warmed her like the morning sun.

Today there was no sun.

She awoke trembling, in a cold sweat.

Thunder ripped through her calm sacred space, threatening to take her peace.

Her phone buzzed on cue.

Of course He knew.

He was her Daddy.

He felt everything.

Intuitively they were One.

Connected eternally, strongest bond forged.

“How did you rest BabyGirl?”

“Not well Daddy, the storms woke me”.

“BabyGirl, even when we are quietly huddled together, there will be explosions. Love constantly detonating. Ours to extinguish. Rather than timidly step around the explosives, we seek them out.”

“Get on Skype now Babygirl”

She rolled over and brought it up on the screen.

His morning ring was already re-claiming Her.

Her morning duty. HOUSE rules.

“Good morning BabyGirl” He smiled.

Seeing his beautiful eyes watching hers, she melted.

His prose caressing her through the screen, seducing her curves, wetting her mind, flooding her folds. She felt proud and honored to be his Gift.

“No one stresses my Queen -BabyGirl, NO ONE.”

She nods in a safe sweet sub space that He created. Bubble gum lip pouted, Her cobalt eyes locked in His gaze.

“Yes Daddy”

“There is only US BabyGirl, our space, NO ONE else matters.”

“Yes Daddy”  His words hit her soul, and cause a ripple through her core. ” I love you Daddy.”

“I love you too my precious BabyGirl.”

“It’s a power. A force field around us, keeping US close and others distant.”

“Yes Daddy. Our time, our space”.

“Only US. Now cum for Your Daddy Baby, Give Daddy His cum. It is your duty. I want My morning dew.”

She lays back on the cool blue green sheets, and parts His treasure. A jewel more valuable to Him than anything that comes in a Tiffany box.

Pale peach fingers dance upon wet pink folds.

Shimmering in the morning light as the sun tries to warm her bed.

A dark cloud lifted,

A loud clap of thunder, as her hips rise and fall, His ample ass clapping in synchronism.

Warm wet splashes hit the cool cotton sheets, pooling in his Treasure spot.

As the rain hits her window, her drops hit the air.

Carried back to Him on the cool morning breeze.

His essence returned.

“Such a Good Girl for Her Daddy” His smooth voice caresses Her.

A rippling thunder shakes her world one last time, as she shudders and screams His name out the open window.


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