Her ears perked up at the thought.

“You will keep my body happy and satisfied until I get there Baby girl. It is your duty to me. You are My property. She must be released. Keep her drained. Do not keep My pussy waiting. I want Her happy.”

Her eyes stared back at His intense stare.

His mouth curled into a satisfied smile.

She bit her bubble gum lip.

Her handsome Daddy.

He always looked right through her, deep down to her soul.

Moved her so deeply that she cried that first time she came for Him.

So vulnerable, so connected, finally reunited after praying and wishing upon moons and stars.

She was transparent to Him. One .

Milky curves, splashed with freckles, sky blues eyes, curly blonde mane, His honey voiced sweet souled Babygirl.

The Maintenance guy working outside her bedroom window didn’t distract from her vision.

She was watching Her Daddy watch her, appreciating his splayed gift, wet with anticipation of Him.

Her fingers splashed, as He sat back and sipped his coffee.

“You should be my morning cup Baby girl.”

“yes Daddy, fill your cup every morning. Your cream” she cooed.

He smiled contently, as she slipped the new gift in slowly.

She had always wanted a rabbit, He knew, and sent it to her.

She had found the box at the foot of her stairs, and ran up like a kid with a new toy.

She waited to open it for Him. Bought fresh batteries and sat and looked at it.

It was always Christmas with Daddy, He spoiled her with His love and adoration.

She slipped the cool slick transparent toy in.

He had wanted the clear one, because He didn’t want the color to distract from HIs pretty pink pussy.

“My beautiful BabyGirl, You are living Art.*

She settled in with her new toy, adjusting the vibe , positioning the ears, thinking it should be His tongue on Her.

He instantly read her mind. They always shared a strong sense of ESP from the second they met.

“That should be MY tongue BabyGirl.”

She moaned as the toy hit her g, and the ears brushed her clit.

“Let it go BabyGirl, give me MY cum. Don’t hold back My pussy. I love you Babygirl, I’m here.”

His words soothed her soul, as the toy took her over that edge. Her primal moans turned into growls, and then a yell. “DAAAADDDY…”

He smiled as He watched his pussy waterfall over the edge of the oak chair, soaking her ass and dripping down her thighs. Creating a river down her floor, watering and glossing the wood.

The weedwacker outside stopped, paused, listening…as she moaned and screamed His name. Windows wide open, her pheromones in the air returning to her Daddy over the warm breeze.

Silence, except for her primal moans and purrs. the splashing of wood. The soft sounds of a finger entering His sacred space. The gossamer curtains billowing as she arched into the pleasure.

They sat and exchanged long deep glances as His pussy throbbed and shook with pleasure.

“My Baby will have many new toys. She needs to keep that pussy full and happy until I get there. It is your duty to me. Keep her well trained and properly maintained.”

“yes Daddy” she purred.

She shifted the cam back up to her face, flush from cuming for Him. Cheeks blushed, lip bitten, eyes sparkling in the light, Her mood eyes- He stared at her hard.

“My Babygirl is so beautiful, I am a lucky man .”

She smiled back at Him, causing those dimples that He loved to kiss.

“We are lucky Daddy.”

The weedwacker started up again in the lull, just outside her bedroom window, as they both smiled, and laughed.


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