Water Damage

ipad-3d-wallpaper-291She needed to get a new phone. She looked at different plans.

The hardest part was clearing all her pictures out. She hated to delete any of His pics.

She had a gallery of pictures for Him.

She was His doll. His Muse. His pet. She was ALL things to Him.

As she took to the duty of saving and deleting, she remembered all the nuances of each one.

The sun hitting her ass just right as she arched her hump for Him.

Sitting in the window, legs striped with shade, as she came for him.

Yesterday she had discovered the slo mo button while she was videoing for Him.

Her waterfall caught in slow motion, drops cascading everywhere, His babbling brook.

She was so caught up in filming it for Him that camera got christened in her holy water.

She wiped it dry ( or so she thought) and sent the vid to her waiting Daddy.

She loved that He saved and savored her pics and videos for Him.

She imagined Him busy at His desk writing, and taking a break to watch His Babygirl. It was her duty, a service she relished doing every day.

They talked about their day, she was off to get her new phone, He to write.

She showered, did her hair up in  His favorite Babygirl braids, threw on a new sundress, thong, and sandals. She sent Him pics for His approval. He loved that innocent look, knowing His Babygirl was anything but.

She drove to the phone store, thinking of Him. The playlist she created for Him in her ear.

She walked in, and a tall young Man interrupted her thoughts.

“What can I do for you today Miss Lady?”

She smiled and showed him her phone, and told him she needed to upgrade.

They chatted politely as he got her new phone.

“My system has been down all morning, cross those cute pigtails and pretty toes of yours” he said with a smirk.

His eyes went from her pigtails to her cleavage to her ass in the sundress.

She smiled as she held the ponytails, meeting his gaze. She could have sworn he blushed.

“Do you need to take anything off of this one?” He asked, handing back to her to unlock it. She pressed her fingerprint. “It is a good thing you are not a felon right? ” he smirked.

I was a teacher, I couldn’t have kept my job if I was…” she smiled back. ” Damn” he smiled “how come none of my teachers ever looked like You?”

She thought for a minute, she had deleted all the pics and vids…except for the Property of pics Daddy had made her. She couldn’t bear to delete those.

“I’m good… thanks” she smiled. He barely whispered “ I am sure you are my Queen

She looked at him looking inquisitively, His face in a smirk.

“I will keep it for a few days…you know…in case you have any problems or anything. Then I will blank it out and send it in. ” he said smiling back at her.

His fingers were swiping though her settings.

As she realized that the property of pic of her with The Black on it was the album cover. She smirked at the thought of it.

He saw it and blushed.

He took off her pink Otter box and as he did, he slipped the phone out. He examined the front, and then flipped it over. The pink inner box was shining. he took his finger and ran it over the sheen. Looking at his wet finger with a mix of curiosity. “ Oh NO. You can’t get your phone wet Ma’m. It will void your warrantee” he smiled. His eyes twinkling with a boyish charm.

She smiled, and thought about the slo motion video she made earlier for Daddy. How fast and hard she cam, how it hit the camera. And here this phone salesman is fingering her fresh sweet juice off her phone. Does he know? He must. Look at the smiles. His fingers stroked the dew, and he turned and looked at them. He had to know it wasn’t water. Could he smell her pheromones? He was wiping it clean on his long fingers, then using his shirt to shine it up. His fingers wiped on his jeans’s thigh. She heard his breath quicken. She saw his ring, and wondered if his wife would smell pussy on him. Wait until she told Daddy, she chuckled to herself, thinking about Daddy telling her to not cause any erections today when she went out.

He handed her the new phone.” Keep it out of the rain, and away from any water…” he smiled at her handing her the bag. ” I put my card and number in it …just in case… you know- you should need anything or have any problems… “He smiled. She smiled, thanked him, and walked away. She felt his gaze following her curves out the door.

Time to call Daddy and christen the new phone.


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