Soul Kiss

Halloween was the night of freaks. You could be anyone or anything that you wanted to be.

The small club was jam packed. Angel blended into the sea of hedonists. She walked right past the bouncers with a sly smile. She never waited in line to get in or paid anywhere.

The dance floor was a sea of half naked bodies. She closed her eyes, and felt the room vibe into her. Her hips moved naturally as the band leader in black leather pants with the red Mohawk rocked the house. She made her “come hither” eyes at the tall dark lead singer. He digested her at first glance. He licked his lips at her, and announced that the band would be taking a break after this solo.

As the bassist thumped his solo, she danced to the vibe. She was in her groove in black fishnet ripped thigh highs, snug black leather corset, and a crisp cotton red and black pleated school girl kilt. Her long shaped nails were done blood red with black metallic rings. She wore fishnet fingerless gloves. At first glance, she looked college aged. Her jet black straight hair hung to her waist in plaited twin school girl braids. Her thick body was tight with hourglass curves complemented with shapely thighs in black leather calf boots.

The tall dude with the Mohawk came up behind her and started grinding her. She looked over her shoulder at him. He had a pierced eyebrow and nose. His large hands gripped her hips as he let the bass thump between them. After the solo he took her hand in his, and pointed over to a dark corner in the VIP area. Her blood red lips curved into tight smile. She followed him to the roped off area as the DJ played house music.

“Do you want a drink?” the dude nodded to the VIP waitress.

“Tequila” she smiled. “Straight up.“

“Two each” he said to the waitress, “be quick and no training wheels.”

“I‘m Max. So what is your name beautiful?” He whispered to her ear, as he kissed her neck and breathed in her sweet spicy fragrance. He pulled her closer to him on the bench.

“Angel” she whispered into his ear.

“Mmmm nice” he smiled. “I always wished for a fallen angel”.

She leaned closer as she nibbled on his ear …“Be careful for what you wish. “

The waitress brought the complementary shots. She laid them out in front of him. Max waved her off without even a thank you.

Angel took one and ran her long red fingernail around its edge. She placed her tip to his lips. As he sucked her finger, she gripped his leather clad thigh under the table. She placed the full shot glass between her ample breasts as he hungrily eyed her.

He pulled her full hips to him.

“No hands” She smiled.

He put his hands behind his back.

“Sit on them” she commanded him.

He sat on his palms as instructed, his eagerness bulging in his lap.

She leaned over him and he sucked the shot glass into his mouth, hoisting it from her cleavage with his teeth. He licked his lips as he swallowed the warm shot. “More” he yelled.

“NO-say please” she scolded.

“Please Mistress” He grinned.

Angel stood over Max’s thighs. “Stick out your tongue” She ordered.

Max stuck it out, wagging it like a dog. He grinned at her like a little kid.

Angel turned and grabbed the second shot. She lifted it to her dark red lips.

Max watched her tongue the tequila as he grabbed her ass in the schoolgirl skirt.

Angel leaned over him. Her warm breath made his mouth salivate.

She let her tongue barely touch his.

He tried to tongue her back.

Angel withdrew.

Max frowned.

“Keep still” Angel ordered. She dug her nails into his thigh. “ Give…ME…Your… tongue…”

Max stuck it out and wagged it. “Damn girl-you are making me harder than a statue, you know that right?” He stared deep into her bright green eyes. They had a mesmerizing quality to them. Max felt like he couldn’t look away, and his dick throbbed even harder against the leather pants.

“Now be a good boy Max” Angel ordered. She took another tongue dip of tequila.

Max leaned forward to Angels lips and closed his eyes.

“Open them -never take them off me” she instructed.

Max stuck his tongue out and opened his eyes, staring at her crimson lips dripping with tequila.

She sat down on his thighs, and he could feel her heat through the leather. His dick dripped. Thank God the pants are black leather he thought.

She licked his tongue front to back, and felt his dick throb under her skirt.

He tried to grind her, but she pushed her arms out to block him.

“Sit still” she ordered. She pushed him down harder.

“Damn girl you are going to make me nut in these leather pants” Max whined.

“Poor baby” she smiled and lightly kissed him, biting his lower lip. She rubbed against the bulge in his lap as his hands gripped her ass under the skirt. She moved his hands back to the outside of the skirt.

“Bad Boy- give me your tongue” She ordered.

Max stuck it out. He stared down at her DD cleavage.

“Look at me” Angel said, a long red nail under his chin pointing him back up to her glowing eyes.

He met her glare, as she took his tongue all in her mouth. She sucked the tip at first, stifling his moans with her deep sucking. She sucked it all in, and took a deep breath of his lungs.

Max struggled under her for air as Angel sucked his life source from him.

His hands fell to his side, and his legs wobbled under her.

succubusHer bright green eyes turned blood red as her power increased.

As soon as she felt Max’s human form go limp she stopped, and breathed her hot breath back into him.

Max shook violently as she kissed her dark life into him.

“You are Mine now Max” She instructed him. “I own you. From here on in you do what I say. My will is your act. When I snap my finger you will only remember my kiss and that I am your power source. You worship me. Understood?”

Max nodded, and sat limp. He tried to shake it off.

Angel wrapped her arms around Max’s neck and sat back on his lap. She snapped her long fingers near his ear.

“SHIT” He mumbled “that was some fucking kiss.”




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