Excerpt from KNIGHTS OF PASSION: GRIFFIN KNIGHT (Coming in December)

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An excerpt from the forthcoming first release in my three-book Knights of Passion series:


Knights Logo-250“Phyllis came to the studio,” Anderson said.

“For what?” I asked.

“She wanted to know how you were doing. She doesn’t have your new phone numbers.”

“She can reach me by email,” I said. “The only things we need to talk about are taxes for this year and getting the divorce finalized.”

“Damn, was it that bad?” Morgan asked. “You don’t even want to talk to her?”

“There’s nothing for us to talk about. We didn’t talk when we were married so why start now?”

“Maybe she’s having second thoughts,” Morgan said.

I knew Morgan was probably thinking that if Phyllis was asking about me then maybe there was a chance for us to reconcile. He was probably hoping for the best because in his world marriage was all good. But not everyone had it like…

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About Mel Black Bynum

M. Bynum is a Writer, Muse and Visual Artist.

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