Baths are wasted on men

“I am going to take a bath”, she announced loudly to the empty master bathroom.

He mumbled something in the shadows of the master bedroom that she didn’t catch, as he kept on working.

“I will leave the door open” she answered  “in case you want to join me.”

“In a bathtub?” he laughed. “I have not been inside a bathtub since I was boy of two or three. Even then I hated it.”

“it is good for the body, and soul” she said.

She slipped her dressing gown off of her shoulders, and let it slowly slip down her naked curves until it found the floor in a puddle of ivory silk.

“Enjoy yourself” He answered without looking up at the sight of her in the doorframe of the suite.

“I always do” she answered with a slight smile.

She ran the roomy tub, poured her wine, and lite the candles around its edge.

The sun was setting in the picture window over the steamy tub as she slowly lowered the shade.

She poured the finest sea salt minted with fresh herbs into the hot water.

“That stuff will clear your sinuses” he sniffed and yelled over the cascading water, and soft sounds of Sade streaming from her phone.

“It clears everything” she said with a knowing smile.0000000000000bath


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Teaser Tuesday. Cocktails- Boston.

The worn green Celtics banner that hung over the bar brought her back to Boston.

The hot summer days spent in a cool hotel room.

00000000000irish bostonShe could still hear his sexy Boston accent whispering in her ear.

His hungry lips always found that spot on her neck.

He could kiss for days.

A true connoisseur of foreplay.

He loved running his fingers through her long wavy dirty blonde mane.

He craved the scent and taste of her.

He spent days and nights learning her curvy form.

He worshipped her as his Goddess.

He kept up with her in every way.

Days of teaching and learning.

They wasted daylight many a Friday in each other’s arms.

She brought him coffee.

He brought his lethal tongue.

He had a great sense of rhythm and percussion.

She was his instrument.

Boxer and drummer by night, banker by day.

They were both artists and drawn to each other.

Despite their age difference, they were compatible in every way.

Same sign.

Birthday days apart but years different.

Same taste in movies, music, food, style.

They didn’t need to talk most times.

They had a natural comfort and empathy from the first time they met.

It was great while it lasted.

“Your burger M’Lady”

Red placed the plate in front of her interrupting her flashback.

The smell of the bacon cheeseburger brought her back to the bar.

She smiled.

“Thank you Red.”

“Day dreaming huh? “ He smiled.

He refilled her Coke.

She  laughed.

“You caught me.”

“He must have been good. You had the biggest smile.”

“He was.”

She looked up at the Celtic memorabilia.

“I love Boston.”

“They were the best once.”

Red shook his head.

The bar guys nodded, and argued about who was the best all time player in green.

Red had signed jerseys- Pierce, KG, Allen.

The Big Three once ruled Boston.

“I saw them when they were good.”

She saw he had a signed picture of MJ and Larry Bird.

“I wish I saw those guys play back then live.”

“It was a memory I treasure.”

“Now that was a rivalry.”

“They were funny together. They talked shit, but they brought it. On the court and off.  Not like these actors in jerseys today.”

She nodded, mouthful of juicy burger.

She dipped a hand cut red potato fry in Heinz.

Definitely not frozen. Red could cook.

“Glad you like the burger.”

“It is delicious Red. I was starved.”

Red laughed.

“It is nice to see a girl who eats more than a salad.”

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